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Advanced Anatomy and Physiology

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Mastering Anatomy and Physiology is Crucial for Success in Medical Fields

Our Anatomy and Physiology is the Solution

Anatomy and physiology are a prerequisite for many health science programs.
Unfortunately, most students have difficulty  engaging, retaining, and completing this
crucial course.

We offer an innovative approach to teaching this course in the comfort of your home.
As more robust engagement tends to lead to better retention and higher pass rates, we have designed the course to include various interactive practice activities to keep you engaged, including: 

certification, study, certified patient care technician

Who Can Use Anatomy and Physiology?

Our course is designed for students taking an Anatomy and Physiology foundational education course. This course is required for all the health science majors, such as premed, Pre-dental, pre-pharmacy, pre-PA, nursing, hygiene, and most allied health programs such as:

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Why Choose Us?

Flexible. Convenient. Accessible.

Right-sized content

Improve program efficiency and student retention by presenting your students with only the most relevant information and nothing more.

Interactive learning experience

Today’s learning environment demands more innovative, online course experiences that improve and measure student engagement throughout the program.

Streamlined integration

We will keep you focused and engaged by combining learning, practice, and assessment into a single learning resource.

Affordably priced

Innovative doesn’t have to mean expensive. Anatomy and Physiology is priced to make it affordable for all.

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What's Included

Anatomy & Physiology includes 25 modules of chunked content interwoven with interactivity and instant performance feedback

A sampling of the module structure includes:

Certified Pharmacy Technician


Certified Clinical Medical Assistant


Certified Patient Care Technician


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